Laundry Service


Our laundry service is based on the Mornington Peninsula and has been purpose built from the ground up and dedicated to the holiday accommodation industry and its guests.

Using 10Kg large industrial type washers and dryers this equipment is not accessible by the general public and has been chosen to be gentler on fabrics than large commercial machines and highly energy and water efficient. Each load handled is kept in tact to prevent items being lost or mixed with others and our team are trained to ensure the best results.

Our laundry rates include washing, drying and ironing.  All laundry items are meticulously checked and clients are advised of any issues or repairs.

For corporate rates please contact us to discuss your requirments

Personal Service

We would love to show you around our facility or meet with you at yours to listen to your requirements and tailor a service that match your individual needs.


We have a professional seamstress on hand to carry out any repairs that may be required to your linen.

Pickup and Delivery

Just speak to our team and we can arrange to pickup and/or delivery on any day.  We are happy to work to with your schedule to make sure your linen is ready when you need it.

Service Guarantee

We will use every effort to try and ensure that our cleaning service offers the highest quality service. We cannot guarantee removal of all stains, however, any stains that cannot be removed from an item will be photographed and tagged and sent to the client.

Laundry and Linen Hire Mornington Peninsula